THANH NGAN trading and electronics Co., Ltd are the professional manufacturer of industrial and household electric appliances. With the sound orientation and the dynamic, experienced and creative staff, THANH NGAN has quickly penetrated into the market and customers have continuously awarded  BELL, BELBA, THANH NGAN products as The Vietnam High Quality Product since 1992.

Your satisfaction is our target. We always consider customer’s requirement to offer them the highest satisfaction of quality, price and model. THANH NGAN is perfect combination of modern production technology, overall and effective Quality Management System; and the process of considering customer’s feedback. As a result, the number of our customers has significiantly increased, and always have long-term and close connection with us.

All BELL, BELBA, THANH NGAN products are in 1-3 warranty. During the last time, with the well-trained technicians and nationwide maintenance system, customers and agents have had trust in THANH NGAN.

Products BELBA - A modern solution to industrial lighting with sologun "Electronicity Economy - Agreat source of lighting". BELBA Electronic Ballast with comfortable series:

BELBA Electronic Ballast is applied to fluorescent of 40W saving over 14W per hour

It saves you 104.8 KWh per year (14W x 24 hour x 26 days x 12 months)

Thus, if you apply BELBA Electronic Ballast for 1,000 lamps in your factory, you will save over 100,000,000 dong per year (104.8KWh x 1,000 lamps x 1,000 dong/KWh)

We are provider products following:


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